The cost of mobile ads, increasing traffic by 12,024% & more...

1. The cost of mobile ads on 50 news websites

The NYT compares the load time of ad content vs editorial on 50 news sites including their own. Not all of the news websites were equal.

2. How we increased our traffic by 12,024% with zero advertising


Step-by-step breakdown of how Grove grew their site traffic from 1,000 visitors a month to 120,240 visitors a month.

3. The new rules of the collaborative economy, 2015 data on the rise of sharing


The biggest shift in the business landscape since the Internet continues to grow — and established, traditional companies need to act soon in order to compete.

4. Mobile video advertising: making unskippable ads


In the face of a mobile revolution, consider this: Should where we're telling stories change how we're telling stories? How should video advertising evolve for mobile?

5. The story behind Asana’s rebrand


On the surface, this is the story of how Asana went from a logo with three circles to a logo… with three circles. But like most things that seem simple at first blush, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

6. Tech giants top best global brands list


Madison Avenue may be the center of the advertising industry, but Silicon Valley is home to the most valuable brands.

7. Social media takes television back in time


Television used to be a supremely solitary experience, for its creators and for its viewers. But that’s beginning to change. The emergence of social TV hits like “Scandal” suggests how, over the next few years, technology could transform television into something more than a one-way, disconnected, time-shifted experience.

8. Design in the age of the consumer


In the past decade, the importance of design within technology companies has risen dramatically as more digitally savvy consumers demand beauty alongside flawless functionality and great user experience.

9. Facebook has more accounts on chat apps than on its social network


It’s the end of the social networking era, and the beginning of the social messaging era.

10. Stamplia

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