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The messaging train

In May I wrote about the potential for Facebook Messenger to be the next evolution of CRM. Now that Facebook has more accounts on chat apps than on its social network and it's is doubling down on messaging it appears that Messenger could be that and more.

Want to change an airline booking? Manage e-commerce receipts? Technical question about your computer? All will be able to be managed on Messenger. Better yet, marketers will get a communications platform on top of a customer's mobile profile (identification) and social connections (advocacy).

The marketers that will most successfully leverage the platform will understand how it adds value in the customer journey and marry the technology to automation processes and business operations. As a marketer I'm exited, as an individual, terrified.

1. 78 takeaways from the traction book


A must read article and book how startups achieve explosive customer growth.

2. Twitter reinvented the newspaper


Twitter could now have the best newspaper of all time.

3. How to measure the success of your app

Data informed

Mobile apps have become a central part of our lives and the tech business. WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat have experienced extraordinary valuations. Yet in spite of mobile’s ubiquitous usage, value creation for mobile apps remains poorly understood.

4. Facebook Messenger and the future of social


Last November Zuckerberg made the statement that, "Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking." Now Facebook is doubling down on social messaging as the next evolution of human interaction and Facebook's business.

5. Bank on it: Millennials are cautious, tech-savvy savers

Customer insight

A new report by Nielsen finds that in addition to their high incomes, upscale Millennials have amassed significantly more wealth than the overall generation.

6. How marketers use music for mind control


A look at the sneaky ways stores use music and psychology to mess with your mind. Also read every brand needs a music strategy.

7. Experiment design and modeling for long-term studies in ads

Data informed

The Search team at Google discuss the challenges in measuring and modeling the long-term effect of ads on user behavior. The post details experiment designs which have proven effective and goes into the subtleties of trying to generalize the results via modeling.

8. What the color of your luxury car says about you and your taste

Customer insight

The color of your car indicates a lot about what feelings you consider important and how you perceive yourself. Trends in car colors operate on a much longer time frame than they do for clothing.

9. Ten YouTube music videos have generated one billion views


Of 10 YouTube videos that have surpassed a billion views, 8 reached milestone in past six months. It takes an average of 484 days to reach a billion views. There is speeding up with the last three videos taking an average 241 days to reach a billion views.

10. Amazon QuickSight

Tool of the week

Very fast, easy-to-use, cloud-powered business intelligence for 1/10th the cost of traditional BI solutions.