Good strategies, WSJ cracked the adblocking code & more

Good strategies

Too often marketers confuse strategies with goals, a vision statement, me-too ideas/channels/technologies or a detailed marketing plan that looks very similar to last year's.

In his must read book, Good Strategy / Bad Strategy, Richard Rumelt, outlines how good strategies help to focus resources to create produce outputs that far outweigh their inputs.

Rumelt explains that good strategies are concise, easy-to-understand and are immediately actionable.

Good strategies are designed around a kernel:

  • Diagnosis defines the problem in an insightful way

  • Guiding policy deals with the challenge identified in the diagnosis

  • Actions carry out the guiding policy.

I can't recommend the book enough, it's forever changed how I approach and understand the craft of strategy.

Read it, listen to it or watch it - better yet, do all three.

1. The WSJ cracked the adblocking code

From the blog

Rather than play into adblocking's cat-and-mouse game, the Wall St Journal and Netflix took a different approach to advertise Netflix's new series Narcos. They created a custom piece of content, "Cocaineconomics," that people would read, watch interact with and share.

2. The Facebook epoch - why Facebook is underrated


All of the brand advertising money on TV will go somewhere; the U.S. has had about the same amount of advertising — between 1.1% and 1.4% of GDP — for as long as we’ve been measuring. And, what better place for that advertising to go than to an app that, more than any other, fills the empty spaces in people’s days?

3. The great unbundling of marketing is here


Marketing has a problem nowadays: it’s too confusing. In order to overcome the issue be ready to say sayonara to the CMO role we used to know.

4. The formula for creating the next killer app


The leviathans of the tech world — Google, Facebook, Hacker News — are being easily replaced by young upstarts that seem to have no extra functionality. What is it about these new apps that appeals to people — and what does it take to jump on the bandwagon and build your own? The answer is that there’s a formula for building the next killer app.

5. Reform advertising …before it is too late


Advertising is broken and we in journalism and media must take responsibility for reinventing it — because advertisers and their agencies will not and because our very survival depends upon it.

6. The secret of the Apple’s new San Francisco fonts


iOS 9 is now publicly released. It’s a subtle change but the system fonts of iOS 9 are now changed to the Apple’s new San Francisco fonts, replacing the previous Helvetica Neue.

7. Lessons from design-driven brands

Design thinking

With some of the most innovative startups in the world being founded by designers, there’s plenty to be learnt from successful design-driven brands.

8. Google to use email addresses for ad targeting, like Facebook and Twitter


Brands can only target email addresses people have given them directly.

9. How to design a ‘data-smart’ marketing organization

Data informed

Figuring out how to best use the explosion of marketing data now available is a top priority for brand marketing teams.

10. Spark

Tool of the week

A/B test creative on Facebook before publishing live. A create way to test any creative / messaging in my opinion.