Attention markets

Attention markets

In a must listen podcast of exponent the hosts frame the idea of "the attention market."

  • Text (editorial) on the internet has been commoditized

  • It's therefore increasingly difficult to make money from

  • However, it's also exponentially more shareable

  • Therefore, text on the internet is an incredibly viable marketing vehicle

  • Publishers should therefore see text as a marketing tool rather than a revenue stream

  • Revenue streams demand attention that text on the internet simply can't (hence "attention markets"), podcasts, real estate listing sites etc

  • Text should therefore be used to drive people into the funnel and ultimately to a revenue generating attention asset.

1. iOS onboarding without signup screens


An important UX lesson for all: iOS apps never (ever) need to ask for an email or password. Time to kill off this anti-pattern / conversion killer. Also see this package to implement the functionality.

2. 1,000 true fans


A classic 2008 article from Wired's former editor Kevin Kelly on the unbelievable power of a true fan to power modern independent business.

3. The McDonalds Monopoly fraud


Every year, for a limited time only, you can win big money collecting Monopoly pieces. But from 1995 to 2001, the game had only one real winner. This the story of Jerome Jacobson, the man who cheated at McDonalds Monopoly to a tune of $20 million.

4. Secrets behind the success of Monument Valley

Customer obsessed


  • Think beyond what hardcore and experienced gamers may want or are used to. Your audience? Everyone.

  • For inspiration, follow your own interests, passions, and, yes, obsessions

  • Conjure great characters and stories with compelling narrative arcs that take users into new, strange, and exciting worlds

  • Disrupt the traditional game paradigm: video games can be quiet and restrained and even elegant

  • A UX-driven approach helps to create the most amazing experience on a mobile device.

5. Ad fraud, pirated content, malvertising and ad blocking are costing $8.2 billion a year

Ad fraud

Ad fraud is costing the U.S. marketing and media industry an estimated $8.2 billion each year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's first study on the cost of the problem.

6. The most useful under-used feature of email

Data informed

A surprising hack to better track emails - very smart.

7. 26% of Cyber Monday's $3 billion were from mobile devices


Mobile has played a larger role than ever during this busy holiday shopping season. For instance, mobile accounted for a whopping 70 percent of’s online traffic. Also read: Cyber Monday biggest day in US online shopping.

8. Why most startups have a customer acquisition channel problem


It has never been easier to start a company online, but it has also never been more difficult to attract users and gain initial traction.

9. A/B testing mastery

Data informed

A thorough and well-explained guide and reference tool.

10. Adblock Analytics

Tool of the week

Does what it says on the tin - analytics on people visiting your site.