Marketing naivete, measuring churn & more...

Marketing naivete

Mark Twain once said, "to succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence." By its nature, an innovation happens when someone applies a fresh approach to a problem. Incumbent businesses and executives often approach problems based on what's failed in the past rather than what's possible in the future. And trait ensures a future of mediocrity.

The issue is, our past experience drives our thinking. We feel pain when remembering failures of old. Being naive is hard when we've got baggage. The only sure-fire way for senior marketers to consistently gain the benefits from a naive point of view is customer obsession.

"The key to success for most brands is to shift the focus from channels and technologies to the human behavior and becoming customer obsessed, both in strategy and execution" - reference.

1. How to integrate traditional & digital marketing

Industry oppinion

"Marketers overestimate the attraction of new things and underestimate the power of traditional consumer behavior." The point is that no marketing strategy or tactic is always best for every purpose, product, brand, or industry.

2. SaaS metrics: benchmarking your churn rates


Analysing the churn rates of 1500+ SaaS companies shows not all churn rates are the same.

3. Google’s growing problem: 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile


Mobile search is a real problem for Google: people don’t do it nearly as much as you suspect it would like. But there’s no obvious way of changing that behaviour while users are so addicted to apps on their phones.

4. The mobile strategies of Sephora, Walgreens and BMW


Most clients I work for now have more people visiting their web properties from mobile than from other devices. Here are three marketing organisations taking advantage of that fact.

5. The thinking (and dollars) behind the New York Times’ new digital strategy


With a million digital subscribers and 12 percent of readers delivering over 90 percent of digital revenue the Times has come to a point of clarity on its digital strategy, “We need to focus on our loyal readers.” After an often harrowing decade of challenge and change, the Times can move forward assertively.

6. Rethinking iTunes


Would iTunes be a better product if it were split up into smaller, focused, single-purpose apps? Check out these student projects to find out.

7. How do you choose the best growth team model?


30 hours of interviews with growth leaders revealed that choosing the right growth team model not only unlocks growth, but also strengthens culture.

8. How to send email like a startup


This guide is a practical resource for developing a set of transactional emails that will move your new users through the sales funnel toward becoming happy, engaged, and paying customers.

9. Lessons from five years in mobile news apps: #1 don’t have a news app.


Sobering insights on the economics of news apps.

10. NewAer

Tool of the week

Proximity Advertising without the installation of beacons.