The next computing paradigm, thriving fraud ad networks & more...

"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings" @ideo

The next computing paradigm

If someone showed you an early version of the HTML specification, or even the internet, do you think you could have foreseen it's future impact on the marketing industry? Would you have forecast the rise of AdWords, Facebook and the demise of print? What about the rise of marketing automation and SaaS giants like Salesforce? I'm sure I wouldn't have.

The reason the internet was and continues to be so disruptive is that it was a new computing paradigm. And new computing paradigms are rare and highly impactful. Why am I talking about new computing paradigms? We could be at the cusp of the next one.

The paradigm, decentralized computing, is bought to life by the Ethereum project. As HTML made TCP/IP accessible and therefore viable, Ethereum looks to make the Bitcoin blockchain accessible and therefore viable on a scale it hasn't been about to reach previously.

Decentralized computing has the potential to change the marketing industry (and many others) in ways we can't foresee right now, I'd highly recommend you read this great primer on the topic.

1. How One Kings Lane grew its blog by 800 percent in one year


Four years ago, home decor brand One Kings Lane launched a typical blog where staffers would pen two or three posts per week. Traffic was decent, but the site had yet to really take off in a way that would make the publishing efforts stand out.

2. Doing SaaS cancellation interviews (the Jobs-to-be-Done way)

Customer obsessed

If you haven't read about the Jobs-to-be-Done framework before I'd highly recommend reading this post. You'll question every piece of qual research you evaluate afterwards.

3. Why fraudulent ad networks continue to thrive

Ad fraud

Imagine a scammer who runs a network of 1,000 fake sites that pretend to serve ads. Each site reports average traffic of one million page views per month. Conservatively, assume 10 ads populate each page, At an 80 percent sell-through, a CPM of 75 cents, and 40-percent revenue share, such a network would generate $2.4 million per month.

4. The (somewhat) perfect harmony: digital commerce and brick and mortar stores


We're in a loop: eCommerce helps traditional retailers and opening stores helps digital retailers.

5. Designing a landing page that sells

User experience

An informative gimps into Active Collab's journey in iterating to an effective landing page.

6. New platforms key to organic reach on social media


If you need data to back up your argument to try a new social channel, here it is.

7. The future of news is not an article


Publishers are still stuck with the constraints of print. The next generation of news providers will rethink reporting from the ground up.

8. Are your analytics telling the right story?

Data informed

We easily fall into the trap of reporting for reporting's sake. In this article the author goes through how to systematically challenge your analytics efforts in search of useful insights.

9. Predictive personas

Customer obsessed

Even the best personas tend to be descriptive, but not predictive. If personas are a design-tool to help us get the customers we want, they should potentially become more predictive.

10. Totango

Product of the week

Helps you create and manage customer success campaigns - the fastest way to drive adoption, reduce churn and increase upsells.