Data-centric business models & reaching the Chinese consumer

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Musings our economy is in the nascent phase of using data to drive business behaviour. As the technologies and practices to collect, value and distribute data are refined we will potentially see a raft of new businesses emerge. What businesses will be born to integrate and make sense of various disparate data sources? Will we have insight marketplaces that collate and resell anonymized data from companies and individuals? How will privacy be managed when the most intimate details of where we go, what we buy and who we talk to are all connected?


The data-centric business model

R/GA, the digital agency that helped longtime client Nike develop its Nike+ FuelBand fitness tracker, recognizes the connections between real world brands and the abundance of data at their disposal. R/GA's CSO states that the impact of data extends far beyond supply chain efficiency or advertising and marketing. It's actually the foundation for an entirely new type of business model.


The 12 disruptive tech trends you need to know

Trends covered include energy storage, genomics, nanomaterials, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, advanced robotics, 3D printing, automation of knowledge work, internet of things, advanced oil / gas recovery, mobile internet and cloud computing.

‘Unboxing’ internet craze a threat to kids

It sounds simple enough – taking a toy out of a box and filming it. But experts warn kids are being exposed to an insidious form of advertising.


The eyeballs business has a big mobile challenge

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO continually argues there's a disconnect between the percentage of time people spend on Facebook and the percentage of money advertisers allocate to the platform. Funnily enough, it's the same argument Yahoo made in the 2000's about all of digital advertising.

The future of advertising has been around forever

The new crop of effective advertising will be akin to something we’re already used to — testimonials. Right now, the business model for online publishers is at odds with those same publishers being able to keep their customers happy. Programmatic advertisements are slowing down users’ experiences on the Internet, particularly on the mobile web.


Study: brand content drives massive brand lift

To understand the impact of branded content, Contently split their audience into engaged and unengaged groups. Contently takes the time to explain their research methodology and results. Good for anyone trying to justify content marketing.

Customer obsessed

Four strategies for reaching the Chinese consumer

Strategies listed include precise segmentation, extending trade channels and distribution networks, communicating the benefits of unfamiliar products and developing the financial services to underpin increased spending.


The future of the digital store is closer than you think

Forrester release a new report on the role of technology in today's physical shopping experience. The report explores how technology is helping companies educate and empower store associates, optimise fulfilment and uncover rich customer insights.


Marketing Stack

A curated directory of marketing resources and tools.

Tool of the week


Turns any store's doorframe into Google Analytics. Their sensor gets attached to a place’s entrance, measures anonymous movement as people come and go, and generates real-time and historical data that can be integrated anywhere.