The state of CX metrics 2015

1. The state of CX metrics 2015

Customer obsessed

Report highlights:

  • 49% of companies with stronger CX metrics have significantly better business performance

  • 22% of companies gave themselves those high marks when it came to making trade-offs between CX metrics and financial metrics

  • Likelihood to recommend (NPS) and satisfaction remain the most popular CX metrics

2. I analyzed 250 SaaS pricing pages — here’s what I found



  • The average number of packages is three and a half

  • Only 50 percent highlight a package as the best option

  • Just 69 percent of companies sell the benefits

  • 81 percent organize prices low to high

  • 81 percent of packages are named.

3. How to uncover hidden assumptions

Design thinking

It is important to discover the assumptions built in to a project. This responsibility is shared, but designers are often in the best position to lead this discovery because we deal both with understanding a user’s needs and the tools we might use to implement a solution.

4. Why a simple spreadsheet spread like wildfire


VisiCalc was a ‘killer app’ years ahead of its time, and still says much about the way we understand computers.

5. Netflix is on F***ing Fire


And traditional TV content producers should be worried.

6. Use clarity to improve conversion rates


  • Relevancy – How well does each page match what the visitor thought she was going to see?

  • Incentives to Take Action – Are the motivators clear, believable, timely and persuasive?

  • Friction – What could be a source of fear and anxiety on each page?

  • Distraction – Is anything directing the visitor away from your most wanted action?

  • Buying Stage – Does the most wanted action align with the buying stage of the visitor?

7. Sorry, but your favorite company can’t be your friend


How people are increasingly projecting human qualities onto the things they buy and why it's an issue.

8. 10 web marketing predictions worth reading


The beginning of each new year sees a flood of prediction and trend articles. Few are worth reading, however Rand Fishkin at Moz is one of those. Here are some of my highlights from his article:

  1. Mobile's usage growth rate compare to desktop will stop

  2. The death of normal distributions will hit both publishing and search results hard

  3. The rise of adblocking is going to trigger attempts at legislation and incite more sites to restrict adblocking users

  4. DuckDuckGo will be the fastest-growing search engine of 2016

  5. The "big" trends for 2016: Wearables, VR, smart home, and Internet of Things will have almost no impact on the world of web marketing

9. The website obesity crisis


There is a growing trend of mostly-text driven websites that have ridiculous file sizes. And they're breaking the web. This is a great presentation on the crisis and fixes.

10. zapier

Tool of the week

Think IFFFT for marketing. Connect the apps you use, automate tasks, get more out of your data.