Generating ideas at Apple

1. Generating ideas at Apple


Top takeaways:

  • Creativity is just connecting things

  • It's a long, iterative and effortful process

  • Lateral thinking can help with systematic idea generation.

2. The spread of misinformation online


"Massive digital misinformation is becoming pervasive in online social media to the extent that it has been listed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the main threats to our society." This paper examined 67 public Facebook pages, half scientific, half centred around conspiracy theories. The overarching finding that misinformation diffuses more effectively across if it aligns to a sub-network's worldview, creating "echo chambers". Also read the man who studies the spread of ignorance.

3. The content marketing handbook


A 30,000+ word book on content marketing by Pricenomics, a company who's unique approach to content marketing has flooded the internet. This is a must-read, key outtakes:

  • Providing information that is unique, authentic, and interesting is currency

  • Every outlet, even The New York Times, gets its traffic from third party platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook that control most of the audience

  • Content channels (journalists, social news sites, etc.) are “supernodes” for reaching larger audiences

  • To create truly unique content identify where your company's data intersects with peoples interests.

4. The ultimate customer acquisition checklist


A seriously long checklist that I'll continue reference from time to time.

5. Building a modern brand


Advertising has radically shifted to be more agile, useful, and relevant in the always-on age of mobile. Yet the foundation of creative work, the creative brief, remains largely unchanged.

6. Where digital brands succeed and fail at brand relevance


Altimeter, conducted research that asked 10,000 US consumers to rate 400 brands across 27 categories along 16 different criteria. Some takeouts:

  • Customer experience is paramount: the Internet brands in the Top 50 are much more likely to rank higher than their peers on the criteria “makes me happy”

  • As a group, these brands are much more likely to “make me feel inspired”

  • All Internet brands fall short on trust — except for Amazon.

7. How to measure customer satisfaction

Data informed

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how well a product or service experience meets customer expectations. It's a staple of customer analytic scorecards as a barometer of how well a product or company is performing.

8. The bulletproof brief


A great creative brief can be the most valued part of the creative process. A bulletproof brief is one that defines, inspires, and benchmarks the process.

9. The state of design leadership


Companies are realising design is incredibly important. CNN expects the UX designer job market to grow 18% in 10 years compared to the 5–8% national average. Since 2008, job listings for “UX Designer” have grown a staggering 20,000%. It’s safe to say companies are noticing the importance of design.

10. Adsvise

Tool of the week

Adsvise is a free tool designed to help designers and marketers get through the mental maze of online ads. All your ad specs in one place.