The new mind control

1. The new mind control


The internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do. After three experiments on up to 2,000 subjects, researchers have found they can significantly change people's candidate preference by modifying search results.

2. Where is behavioral economics headed in the world of marketing?

Customer obsessed

An insightful interview with the Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning of Draftfcb Chicago, who has been one of the leaders in thinking about how to incorporate the discipline of behavioral economics with the practice, and business, of modern advertising and marketing.

3. Key metrics for popular growth models


Growth models are feedback loops that project how one cohort of users leads to the acquisition of the next cohort of users. Viewing growth with this reinforcing model simplifies a complex system with tons of moving pieces to a set of functions and assumptions.

4. Why our professional writing sucks (and what to do)


Harvard’s cognitive psychology giant Steven Pinker has written a 21st century version of Strunk & White, a book aimed to help us understand why our writing often sucks, and how we might make it suck a little less.

5. David Ogilvy’s 20 unconventional rules for getting clients

New business

Nothing new if you've read his books, but timelines nonetheless. Highlights:

  • Only add 1 new client every 2 years

  • Take immense pain in selecting your clients

  • Only accept a client if you can improve their existing work

  • Only work for clients who want you to make a profit

  • Fire clients at least 5 times more often than you get fired

6. Design in tech report 2016


Design isn't just about beauty; it's about market relevance and meaningful results. In this presentation John Maada, Design Partner of VC firm KPCB looks at the latest trends in design-thinking as applied to the tech industry.

7. Why Snapchat is an important media company


Reach, immediacy, authenticity/endemic, engagement, geography, and brand recall/uniqueness matter a great deal to media. Snapchat is performing off the hook on all fronts. Also read NYX Snapchat campaign case study.

8. Three predictions about the future of marketing automation

Marketing automation

More best-practices, but still relevant:

  1. Approach automation in terms of stacks, rather than all-encompassing solutions

  2. Prioritise process over technology

  3. Predictive will take over rules-based automation

10. Google Analytics 360

Tool of the week

Google's launched their new enterprise marketing analytics suite of tools and services.