The user experience delusion

1. The user experience delusion

Customer obsessed

UX in more than reordering pixels on a webpage. True UX is embedded throughout an organisation and requires:

  • A consistent tone of voice (that includes when talking to retail staff)

  • Data entry to only have to happen once (that includes talking to call centre staff)

  • Consistent service levels.

2. The psychology of clickbait


Whether you think it’s on the rise, obscurant and self-negating, not such a big deal, or the root of all evil, one thing is clear about clickbait: It’s increasingly hard to pin down. Key quote from the article - “Dopamine is not about pleasure; it’s about the anticipation of pleasure. It’s about the pursuit of happiness rather than happiness itself.”

3. A guide to SaaS customer onboarding

Customer obsessed

The onboarding experience can define the ongoing relationship your customer has with the product. In other words: It’s critical.

4. Inside the making of BuzzFeed's latest branded video for Hyundai


If you dropped by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures' old office in Hollywood on the afternoon of November 18, you may have thought the publisher's video arm was shooting a car commercial. It would have been a perfectly fine commercial. Except it wasn't necessarily a commercial.

5. Why you should embrace transparency marketing


Various studies have estimated the average consumer sees anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages each day. Of course, most of these go unnoticed. One possible reason? People are increasingly tuning out inauthentic and blatant marketing attempts.

6. Growth and marketing at Pinterest


How Pinterest knitted together their growth and marketing functions.

7. Silicon Valley killed the design agency


The design agency world has turned upside down with the recent news of Adaptive Path finding synergy with a bank, Smart Design calling it quits in Silicon Valley, and [insert design shop here] getting scooped up by the Faceoogleboxes.

8. Industrial scale branded content


On the 19th floor of Renzo Piano’s 8th Avenue landmark skyscraper, The New York Times set up an entire division devoted to producing and commercializing contents for its advertisers: the New York Times T Brand Studio.

9. 16 mobile theses


The 16 topics to think about within the current generation of mobile computing. Along with some of the themes for the future - VR, AR, drones and AI.

10. Google shopping insights

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Explore trends and popularity of products across the U.S.