The state of growth hacking

1. The state of growth hacking


The Head of Growth at Uber lays out the practice's foundations and critical success elements.

2. The Amazon tax


Leveraging off the world's biggest eCommerce business, Amazon is using its scale to tax an increasing number of markets:

  1. Network computing AWS can be used on anything from web, mobile to IoT

  2. Premium eCommerce though Amazon makes no profit from product sales it taxes its most engaged members with the Amazon Prime membership fee

  3. Logistics Amazon now has 26 planes in a private logistics network and has identified “companies that provide fulfillment and logistics services for themselves or for third parties, whether online or offline” as competition in it's latest annual report.

Also read, wow retailers will survive in the Amazon era.

3. The rest is advertising


Confessions of a sponsored content writer.

4. How to use cohort data to analyze user behavior

Data informed

In the world of data analysis, one tool is often left unused. While being a very powerful analytics tool, cohorts are often pushed aside due to their seemingly complex nature.

5. The hidden price of mindfulness inc.


There’s no doubt that as mindfulness has gone mainstream, plenty of people have used the technique to achieve peace of mind, greater self-awareness, perhaps even more compassion. Yet at the same time, a race to the bottom seems to be underway as companies rush to take part in the new billion dollar economy.

6. Beginners guide to eCommerce analytics – lifetime value and beyond

Data informed

In order to track long term gains and true value of your marketing and customers, you need to move beyond Google Analytics and spend time in calculating and monitoring, not just one but many ecommerce analytics metrics like: Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Profitability Score, Retention Rate, Purchase frequency and Net promoter score.

7. How we got our first 5 million users without a marketing budget


TL;DR community development.

8. Preparing for the age of marketing technology


The world is in transition and we’re seeing wide-sweeping changes that promise to make the next few years a challenge for Marketing to overcome. That includes:

  • A macro-economic climate pushing marketing teams to work with less

  • A need to serve more markets as brands seek out the growing global middle class

  • Growing online audiences and new media types and channels

9. Apple’s recipe for making successful apps

Customer obsessed

  1. If your App doesn’t do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted

  2. Before creating your app, take a look at the apps in your category on the App Store and consider how you can provide an even better user experience

  3. Make sure your UI meets these requirements by planning your design carefully and following our design guides and UI Design Dos and Don’t.

10. Logo Foundry

Tool of the week

Create a professional logo in minutes.