The WTF economy, the global creativity index & trojan marketing


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WTF?! Without owning a single room, Airbnb has more rooms on offer than some of the largest hotel groups in the world. What do on-demand services, AI, and the $15 minimum wage movement have in common? They are telling us, loud and clear, that we’re in for massive changes in work, business and the economy. They're also part of what Tim O'Reilly calls the WTF economy.

Google released the state of video ad viewability. Insights include the importance of mobile, abandonment rates, importance of the player size and the critical importance of page position.

"There is a shortage of great digital strategy, UX and other specialists across the UK, particularly in consulting and at large agencies where operating at scale on big transformative programmes requires a particular type and calibre of person." Econsultancy released their 2015 top 100 digital agencies report. Findings include a move of talent from agency to client, large technology and consulting companies improving rankings and high talent competition in the face of skills shortages.

AOL is going to manage and execute Microsoft’s display advertising. In exchange, AOL will replace Google with Bing for the next ten years.

The global creativity index has Australia coming out at number one. It's followed by the US and then New Zealand. I personally find this a touch pill to swallow given the Australian economy's reliance on digging rocks out of the ground while US companies are disrupting one global industry after the next.


When marketers began trying to reach audiences online they needed to deal with the vast scale of distributing their ads across the 10's or 100's of thousands of sites their target audience might visit. This all changed with the advent of ad exchanges and programmatic media buying. However, we are now left with publisher experiences that suck.

Tinder's cautious approach to monetisation appears successful, at least in terms of engagement, as users swipe right on brands 25% of the time according to the founder of the dating app.

Advertisers are slow to invest in mobile gaming while the channel is growing exponentially. This is a huge opportunity for those willing to experiment.

Meerkat users can now sign in with a Facebook account that automatically connects to all their Facebook friends or followers. Is Meerkat Facebook's next big acquisition?


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By covering packages with thermo active foil, US postage service DHL managed to get their competitors to advertise for them. A great example of trojan marketing.

Customer obsessed

Pablo Picasso once said, "learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." Picasso's motto was executed with vigour by these three companies whose brand strategies that should have failed.


If you haven't read the excellent book Lean Analytics, Google Ventures has published the author Alistair Croll explaining the core concepts in a presentation. I'd recommend both watching the presentation and reading the book.

"Using data, sophisticated marketers are breaking acquisition funnels into smaller, more personalized paths that convert prospects into customers at increasing rates." Adobe Data Evangelist, David Humpherys on customer data strategies for marketers.

Running multivariate tests without understanding how to design and identify significant results completely undermines any work done. In line with this, the Data Scientist from Square gives statistical advice for a/b testing.

The US's largest new-car retailer Truecar will stop using the internet vehicle-shopping service on July 15. Of AutoNation's 240 dealerships, 226 had been using TrueCar. The reason? TrueCar wanted more customer data; AutoNation said no.


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Tool of the week

A couple of weeks ago Google launched a NewsLab. The set of tools helps journalists and content marketers research, visualise, produce, distribute and optimise content.