Marketing attribution, customer lifetime value & more

1. Marketing attribution: data from more than 500,000 customer buying journeys

Data informed

There is a growing consensus among marketers that "last-click" attribution is suboptimal. However, multi-touch attribution, or the modeling of all marketing channels' contributions to customer conversions, can be a daunting task.

2. Do not track


A personalised documentary series about privacy and the web economy.

3. The insider’s guide to increasing ecommerce customer lifetime value

Data informed

Today’s fastest growing ecommerce companies achieve 79% higher customer lifetime value. Armed with the data from today’s top performing ecommerce companies RJMetrics and Hubspot lay out how ecommerce companies can move into the top performing quartile by increasing customer lifetime value.

4. Why social media artists are disrupting the advertising industry


Want to reach millions of young millennials with amazing content in a cost effective way? Contact social media artists, brief them, let them do their thing and they will rock your world.

5. How much do top fashion brands really depend on China?


Over the past 30 years, China has gone from a blip on the radar of luxury brands to arguably the most important luxury market in the world. So when China started devaluing its currency on Aug. 11 to boost the economy and its domestic producers, ultimately bringing the yuan down 3% against the US dollar, luxury brands quivered.

6. Thinking responsively: a framework for future learning

Customer obsessed

Before the arrival of smartphones and tablets, many of us took a position of blissful ignorance. Believing we could tame the web’s inherent unpredictability, we prescribed requirements for access, prioritizing our own needs above those of users.

7. Is WPP proof that biggest is best in advertising?


WPP still sits proudly on top of the ad conglomerate heap and it looks as though, from WPP’s latest numbers, that its huge scale is paying off. WPP is getting better at turning its billings into profit. China will continue to be the most important global advertising market, despite its recent troubles.

8. How YouTube vloggers can benefit brands


YouTube stars are now more popular among U.S. teens than mainstream celebrities, making them ideal marketing vehicles for brands targeting millennials.

9. History of icons


A visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces in different operating systems.


Tool of the week

Resized, responsive and retina ready images in the cloud.