Rethinking marketing with content blocking, recessions and more

From attention to retention

I attended Marketo's conference last week. I was happy to see a theme reiterated by the most engaging speaks - that marketing is becoming a revenue centre rather than a cost centre. The marketing to sales, attention to intention, food chain has collapsed. The funnel is randomising across an omnichannel environment and we are now in a customer-led economy. This all ladders up to one thing, marketing have an increasingly important place in business.

The shift won't just happen. It will take marketers who are willing to move from focusing on consumer attention to customer retention. These marketers will need to drive change in organisations that don't want to change. They will focus on the customer experience, insights and personalised marketing automation over large-scale media buys. They'll rip apart agency relationships, vendor contracts, current staff make-up and budgets. They'll have the x-suite's attention and drive the organisation's business strategy.


1. Life after content blocking


Ad blocking started as an initiative by independent developers who wanted to improve our browsing experience. Now that at least one company, Apple, has made Content Blocking “official”, ad-supported publishing business models are in trouble. Also read the mobile video ad lie.

2. What the next recession could do to the media business


Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, said economic downturn could add a fourth pressure point to an already stressed media ecosystem. If the economy slows, “it could be a perfect storm,” he said.

3. Improve your research technique reflexive thinking, 5 practical tips

Customer obsessed

Reflexivity is a research concept that comes from anthropology, but is actually applicable to all kinds of research.

4. It's All Gooooooooood


An excellent breakdown of why Google's new logo is exemplary of digital-first design. Also read Google's original post, which gives a look at 17 years of design evolution at Google.

5. Ad and multiply: OTT and multiscreen advertising


Broadcasters and pay TV operators are increasingly looking to the web for models about how to make additional revenues from advertising. But TV is different in many ways and progress is likely to be patchy.

6. BuzzFeed just became a content marketing tech company


BuzzFeed signed a partnership deal with GroupM to license out a combination of proprietary software and creative services. Rob Norman, chief digital officer at GroupM, told AdAge that the company expects “50 percent year-on-year growth” as a result of the partnership.

7. Why millennials are unhappy


The macro trends that are driving unhappiness with the millennial generation.

8. Every agency has the answer, so who do you trust?


With technology driving today’s marketing departments, CMOs are now key decision makers, involved with procuring capabilities such as big data management, helping the business in vetting new startups, and working closely with the CIO in understanding how new technologies can help push the brand forward.

9. American's views on mobile etiquette


An interesting set of numbers from the latest Pew survey on cellphone overuse in social settings.

10. mantii

Tool of the week

Mantii uses proprietary image recognition technology to help marketers understand when and how consumers share images relevant to their brands.