The two types of product virality

1. The two types of product virality


  • Pull product virality (PPV): Product virality where existing users require people in their network to join to gain value out of a feature.

  • Distribution product virality (DPV): Product virality where existing users spread awareness of a product to their network.

2. What does the agency of 2020 look like?


  1. Effectiveness: Agencies Will Provide Solutions, Not Just Services

  2. Pricing: Align Economic Incentives of Both the Agency and the Client

  3. Agility: Agencies Will Adopt Agile Philosophies to Improve Processes and Workflows

3. The fourth Facebook goldrush just started


That means there's a massive opportunity for startups and marketers alike.

  • 2007 Goldrush 1: Facebook App Platform

  • 2009 Goldrush 2: Self Serve Right Rail Ads

  • 2013 Goldrush 3: External Links in the feed

  • 2016 Goldrush 4: Live Video + ChatBots

4. The fallacy of measuring everything

Data informed

From now on, when a person, blog or speaker at a conference tells you to "measure everything..." instantly realise that they're being unrealistic, naive, and setting you up for failure. Their advice is lazy, grossly inaccurate and disconnected from reality. The better advice would be to identify 2 to 3 metrics (key performance indicators) that you know you can track, start there. Start small, get Nyour feet wet with the idea of measuring and making decisions from data then slowly work your way into consuming more data.

5. Multichannel loyalty programs: beyond the transaction


The world of loyalty is changing. Gone are the days when consumers could easily be sated by traditional “spend-and-get” programs that offer points for purchases. Today, consumers have greater expectations, and they demand more from brands than ever.

6. The evolution of popular logos

Design trends

15 famous logos have evolved over the years, showing how a logo can adapt to modern times. Logo design trends right now are leaning towards simple & flat.

7. Account-based marketing and MarTech


A good primer of the account-based marketing (ABM) trend.

8. Just good copy


Email copy from great companies.

9. 5 design secrets from the kids who will replace you


  1. Focus on stories, not screens

  2. Safe design = design fail

  3. Design in context

  4. Confidence ≠ ego

  5. Build responsibly, then get out of the way

10. fullstory

Tool of the week

FullStory lets your company easily record, replay, search, and analyze each user's actual experience with your website. Welcome to your single source of truth for all customer interactions.