The theorem every marketing researcher should know

1. The theorem every marketing researcher should know

Data informed

One of the most eloquent explanations of the Central Limit Theorem I've read.

2. The real product market fit

Customer obsessed

Product market fit is a critical milestone for startups and indeed, anyone trying to create something people want to use.

3. Suck less | a plea for user-centric design

Data informed

Google's "Digital Marketing Evangelist" Avinash Kaushik gives some common-sense advice to data analysts that everyone should adhere to. Every week, anyone running digital properties should:

  1. Find the most critical experiences in your digital existence

  2. Try them yourself as if you were the actual user

  3. Cry

  4. Now that you have the why, use the what to highlight the importance of improving the experience.

4. Dear advertisers: it’s time to stop supporting BuzzFeed Video


BuzzFeed video are a cost effective, but not as cost effective as the YouTube talent they constantly steal ideas from.

5. The top 100 digital agencies in 2016: key movers & shakers


With insight into the state of the industry, plus a look at how agencies are responding to an evolving market, eConsultancy's report is ready and waiting to download.

6. Beautiful stores


A curated list of beautiful eCommerce stores.

7. 20 cognitive biases

Customer obsessed

If you haven't looked into the field of behavioural economics, I'd highly recommend it. This post gives a high level overview of some of the key biases that drives human behaviour and the field focuses on.

8. Re-reading Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow

Customer obsessed

Directly related to the cognitive biases post above, this article identifies some of the flaws in "Thinking, Fast and Slow" undoubtably the leading book in behavioural economics.

9. The GIF that fell to earth


A case study highlighting the metadata dilemma of online content. The velocity of an image online and the amount of knowledge around it have an inverse relationship.

10. DataBerries

Tool of the week

Improves in-store traffic; uses geolocation tech to track history of places visited by a customer and uses the data for deciding signboard locations and sending targeted smartphone ads.