18 scarcity examples that can boost saless

1. 18 scarcity examples that can boost sales

Conversion rate optimisation

It’s a cultural trope to “want what you can’t have,” but it’s also a principle based in decades of psychological research. That principle, scarcity, is incredibly powerful in marketing, persuasion and conversion optimisation (when done right).

2. Content-first prototyping

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Content is the core commodity of the digital economy. It is the gold we fashion into luxury experience, the diamond we encase in loyalty programs and upsells. Yet, as designers, we often plug it in after the fact. We prototype our interaction and visual design to exhaustion, but accept that the “real words” can just be dropped in later. There is a better way.

3. Growth = friction, removed


Growth comes from the market, not you. Your job is to let growth happen and get out of the way.

4. Facebook Has 50 minutes of your time each day


The average time that users spend on Facebook is nearing an hour. That’s more than any other leisure activity surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the exception of watching television programs and movies

5. Rediscovering Apple’s human interface guidelines from 1987

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UX lessons from the dawn of the personal computer. 1987 was the year Apple first published their Human Interface Guidelines. As with many things UX, they were ahead of their time.

6. Four steps to a 360-degree content marketing strateg


  1. Find your weaknesses

  2. Identify new systems to implement

  3. Experiment and execute — with the customer in mind

  4. Close the loop to improve people, process, and tech

7. A quick guide to asking good customer questions

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Good customer interviews are a cheap and fast way to kick off the search and design of your Value Proposition. But how do you ask your customers the right questions to collect the best facts?

8. Build your brand as a relationship


If the first three waves were brand as object, idea, and experience, the next wave will be brand as relationship.

9. How strong is the Tesla brand and what can we learn from it?


An entrepreneur's insights from interviewing people standing in the queue for the Tesla Model 3 in Palo Alto.

10. Data Republic

Tool of the week

A data exchange that allows marketers to share data with each other without privacy or security risks.