2016 internet trends

1. 2016 internet trends report


As always, Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report is amazingly researched, insightful and makes you want to go out and create a startup. Some of my key marketing take-aways from this year's report:

  • Google + Facebook = 76% share of internet ad growth

  • Adblocking @ ~220MM desktop (+16%) and ~420MM mobile (+94$)

  • Commerce + brands evolving rapidly by / for this generation

  • Internet-enabled retailers / products / brands on rise bolstered by always-on connectivity + hyper-targeted marketing + images + personalisation

  • Technology at an inflection point: messaging, new human / computer interfaces (voice, transportation)

2. Conversion optimisation: an enormous list of psychological tactics

Conversion rate optimisation

This article uses academic research to answer those questions. You’ll learn the psychological explanation to 30 powerful techniques in conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

3. Marketing attribution: creating a growth engine at Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack


The former CMO of Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack (current) shares insights into creating a data-driven marketing team through channel attribution. Key lessons are to start small, hire an experienced head of operations and ensure close working relationship with your technical team.

4. 6 logical fallacies that can ruin your growth


  1. Hasty generalisation: making decisions on insufficient evidence

  2. Appeal to authority: the illusion of the "expert"

  3. Appeal to tradition: "the way we've always done things"

  4. Post hoc ergo propter hoc: seeing causation when there is only correlation

  5. False dilemma: where limited alternatives are considered

  6. The narrative fallacy: ascribing causality simply because the story fits

5. TV advertising’s surprising strength — and inevitable fall


Linear television and its advertisers were all predicated on owning distribution and thus owning customers. The Internet has or is in the process of destroying their business models for broadly similar reasons; for now the intertwinement of these models is keeping everyone afloat, but that only means that when the end comes it will come more swiftly and broadly than anyone is expecting.

6. Light at the end of the funnel: why the marketing revolution is about to arrive


For centuries, the process of selling a good remained functionally unchanged. But new technologies are rapidly transforming the consumer funnel – making it more measurable, more immediate and less costly. No matter how you interact with the ad business, these changes will affect your business, your customers and your profits.

7. Customer experience drives revenue growth

Customer obsessed

Every year Forrester compares the compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for the ten publicly listed companies from their customer experience index. As usual, in 2016 they found that the CX leaders in all five pairs of companies outperformed their relative CX laggard counterparts. This is a great article to show someone who doesn't see the value in CX.

8. Advertisers need to be storytellers


Today’s media environment is obsessed with disposable content.

9. 4 ways copywriting can boost your e-commerce conversion rates

Conversion rate optimisation

Your website's copy is far more important than you realise. Unfortunately, far too many e-commerce stores spend hours optimising their website's design and layout but completely skip over the copy.

The result? Poor conversion rates.

10. Mediachain

Tool of the week

An open, universal media library. Mediachain automatically connects media to its creator and information about it.