The predictive analytics ecosystem

1. The predictive analytics ecosystem

Data informed

A categorised list of predictive analytics systems, services and technologies. Not a bad starting point if your looking to evaluate your analytics stack.

2. Design better forms

Customer obsessed

Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them

3. The Facebook of eCommerce


Venture capitalist Benedict Evans argues that Amazon is Google for products, but there is no Facebook for products. His thesis offers a glimpse into the future and a potential growth strategy for anyone who sells anything online.

4. Ad giant Publicis picks 90 lucky tech startups


Not surprisingly, the big ad networks are getting increasingly involved in startups. Publicis recently short-listed 90 startups to invest in from 3,500 entries. Winners will receive investment ranging from $11k to $554k alongside mentoring from the advertising giant.

5. Why Pharma marketers are increasingly turning to social media


The strict regulation of the industry’s advertising communication still acts as a motivator for the industry to be cautious with social content, yet increasing numbers of brands are taking to social media anyway. What’s changed?

6. What brands can learn from Nintendo’s digital transformation and Pokémon GO


Key lessons on how Nintendo added $11bn to their marketcap in a week with a 21 year old brand with mobile games. Also read The brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go.

My sure-fire Pokémon ad idea for a retailer targeting millennials:

  1. Buy a tonne of high-value Pokémon

  2. Release them in your stores

  3. Manage the hordes of millennials that enter

  4. Profit

7. Big media's 'Death Star' strategy


In 2016, Big Media is beginning to look like Star Wars' Galactic Empire. Rather than try something new, most incumbents are focused on doing the same thing they've always done, just bigger. Scale matters, but it wasn't sufficient to stop the Rebel Alliance. Hollywood should take note.

8. Why brands should go dark on Facebook


  1. Better fan / non-fan targeting

  2. More refined targeting variables

  3. Optimisation options

  4. Avoiding ad fatigue

  5. Stealth marketing

9. 11 clever Snapchat marketing examples


Douglas Adams once said, "Anything invented after you're thirty-five is against the natural order of things." I think this quote perfectly articulates how most marketers think about Snapchat.


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