Digital IQ visualization

1. Digital IQ visualization

Data informed

The classification of the 1,800 brands L2 ranked in 2015. Keep it up your sleeve for your next competitor review.

2. How Netflix does a/b testing

Data informed

An experimentation platform services, dynamic artwork changes and customer insights are a few of the techniques used by one of the most customer and data-focussed companies in existence.

3. The typography of ‘Stranger Things’


Besides brilliant character development, a killer score, and all those warm and fuzzy nods to a youth spent watching and reading Stephen King, Netflix's new show absolutely nails 1980s revived retro typography.

4. A fully loaded SaaS marketing stack


A cohesive martech stack is critical for repeatable marketing growth today. This article outlines the stack used by several startups to achieve 20%+ month on month goals with minimal paid advertising spend.

5. Dark Patterns are designed to trick you

Customer obsessed

No, it's not only you—some user interfaces today intentionally want to confuse and enroll.

6. You don't want a caste system for creativity

Respected educationalist Sir Ken Robinson talks to Kate Magee about creative cultures, the state of education and why adland should drop the 'creative' label.j

7. 28 of the best marketing campaigns of 2016


All are non traditional channels with a content bent. They're mostly tactical but a good source of ideas.

8. How much do IPO-bound internet companies spend on marketing?


Great insights into the role marketing plays for various startups pre-IPO. Sales and marketing is the main lever used by most businesses to grow revenue, and so understanding how much internet companies spend on it gives telling insights into the businesses' drivers.

9. eCommerce usability guide


A practical guide covering off homepage, internal search, category pages andj landing/product/checkout page optimisation.

10. Stitch

Tool of the week

Extract Transform Load (ETL) as a service. Consolidate your data in minutes. No API maintenance, scripting, cron jobs, or JSON wrangling required.

Just launched this week. I've had this idea in my 'business ideas' notebook for years, glad someone has done it.