Is it safe to assume 95%+ of adtech companies are full of shit?

1. Is it safe to assume 95%+ of adtech companies are full of shit?


Good discussion on the issues around the adtech industry. TL;DR "yes."

2. A technical glitch


One week ago, moments after her boyfriend Philando Castile was shot by a police officer during a routine traffic stop, Diamond Reynolds flipped on Facebook’s live streaming feature. The resultant video, with Reynolds documenting what had happened, as well as her interaction with the police officer, immediately started to spread like wildfire.

And then it was gone. Due to what Facebook called, "a technical glitch."

Facebook is undoubtedly most powerful journalistic entity in the world. And this won’t be the last time something truly raw, visceral, and meaningful happens on Facebook Live. The implications of Facebook's success as a media platform means an increasing number of eyes on Facebook itself.

3. Cohorted engagement: 7-day and 30-day metrics

Data informed

When tracking user growth, it is helpful to look at multiple time periods. This post goes into how to compare user interaction based on when they joined.

4. 50 lessons signing 100 global brands


Lessons from a successful Software as a Service startup that's successfully worked with the world's biggest brands.

5. Using new tech to deliver meaningful brand experiences


  1. Drive emotion

  2. Personalise to create unexpected experiences

  3. Provide a value exchange

  4. Offer practical and progressive experiences

  5. Provide a connected experience both on and offlineope

6. Microsoft's Bing isn't a joke anymore


  • $5.3 billion in revenue

  • 43% YoY growth in search advertising revenue

  • More ad revenue than Yahoo, Instagram or Twitter

7. 23 clever uses for colour in ecommerce UX

Experience design

Some great examples of elegant interaction/web design.

8. Brand equity aligns with digital strength


As digital becomes increasingly important, site investments will determine the new leaders in the sector. Nearly a fifth of department stores keep their e-commerce platforms separate from their brand sites, and less than half of sites support responsive design – a critical flaw as consumers shift towards mobile browsing.

9. The innovation secrets of high-growth brands


To survive and thrive in today’s market, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies need to shift away from “risk mitigating” innovation approaches to truly unlock and optimise the growth potential of every product they launch.

10. Amplero

Tool of the week

A predictive Customer Lifetime Value management platform.