Digital strategy basics

1. Digital strategy basics: the what, the why, & the how


A great introduction into strategy and its practical application to marketing and digital programs. The post references a range of create resources that are well worth digging into.

2. Researching design systems


A comprehensive review of open design systems including: IBM Design Language, Airbnb Design Language System, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Google Material Design and more. A great resource.

3. WeChat’s world


With 800 million monthly users and $1.8 billion in revenue from Advertising, eCommerce, content, online-to-offline services and finance, WeChat is a force to be reckoned with when targeting the Chinese population.

4. How to grow your brand with influencers


While social media has opened the door for select innovators with small budgets, the landscape has become almost entirely pay-to-pay. Scaled reach on Facebook requires advertising spend, and winning brands on YouTube rely on TrueView in-stream ads — the platform’s premier advertising product — or offline advertising to drive viewing.

In the midst of this shift towards big budgets, savvy brands are discovering a more cost-effective way to drive digital video impact: Influencers.

5. How conversion rates correlate to page load times


Data from over a million user sessions from ten leading US retailers shows the blatantly obvious but often missed fact that the faster your webpage loads, the more you'll sell.

6. How digital design is evolving


Craft still matters in digital design, but, argues Code Computerlove’s Tom Bradley, more important is the process of development, and the ability to accept that sometimes you might be wrong.

7. The ultimate guide to creating effective landing pages

Conversion rate optimisation

Landing pages are critical and often overlooked assets in any digital marketer's arsenal. This is a good introductory guide into some of the elements to landing pages.

8. The great marketing migration


As digital channels proliferate and the customer experience continues to grow in importance for business success, companies are increasingly brining marketing activities in house. Marketers simply can’t outsource customer experience wholesale the way they did brand communications because experience is entwined in everything a company does. What does this mean for agencies? Lots.

9. P&G to scale back targeted Facebook ads


Move shows challenges of such limits on big brands. It's key to remember that CPG is a different beast to many marketing businesses.

10. cardlytics

Tool of the week

Technology purpose-built to ingest, protect, and process trillions of dollars of raw machine transaction data from millions of accounts across thousands of financial institutions. All normalised for marketing and analytics. Big brother in the palm of your hands.