The 30 things customers really value

1. The 30 things customers really value

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Apple has 11 of the 30 attributes of value identified after three decades of consumer research and observation. The elements of value approach extends Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” and is an incredibly valuable tool in a marketer's arsenal.

2. Imaging, Snapchat and mobile


For the first time, pretty much everyone on earth is going to have a camera. But terms like camera or photo, like phone, are inherently limiting - they specify one particular use for underlying technology that can do many things. Using a smartphone camera just to take and send photos is a little like using Word for memos that you used to create on a typewriter - you're using a new tool to fit into old forms. Pretty soon you work out that new forms are possible.

3. A beginner’s guide to progressive web apps


Progressive web apps could be the next big thing for the mobile web. Originally proposed by Google in 2015, they have already attracted a lot of attention because of the relative ease of development and the almost instant wins for the application’s user experience.

4. Use big data to create value for customers, not just target them

Customer obsessed

To build lasting advantage, marketing programs that leverage big data need to turn to more strategic questions about longer term customer stickiness, loyalty, and relationships. The questions that need to be asked of big data are not just what will trigger the next purchase, but what will get this customer to remain loyal.

5. UX design in software product development: creating exceptional product value

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UX is a lot more than buttons and wireframes. The stuff that seems obvious is only the tip of the iceberg, and the stuff that matters most is completely invisible.

6. Every company needs a voice, this is how Slack found theirs


Slack’s editorial director Anna Pickard explains how to craft the 'voice' of a company.

7. Publishers should focus on doing what Google and Facebook don’t do


Even if Google and Facebook are taking up the majority of digital ad dollars, the growing market means there’s plenty of opportunities for publishers to sell differentiated ad products rather than focus on trying to do what Google and Facebook do well.

8. Beginner's guide to marketing funnel analysis

Data informed

“Google AdWords and Organic Search drive 80% of our new subscribers, but growth is flat year-on-year so we’re exploring Facebook ads as a new channel. We’ve spent $600 so far, and we’re acquiring new users at half our $2.50 CPA target. That said, these users are also buying half as much, so they net out at the same ROI.”

Awesome. Now how do you do that?

9. Store wars


Over the next three years, New York City’s vaunted department stores are reimagining themselves for the future of luxury shopping—and will soon face stiff competition from a couple of out-of-towners: Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

10. Kahuna

Tool of the week

Leverage rich cross-channel data to create and send personalized messages at scale. Use push, email, in-app, and social channels to communicate with your customers when and where they are most likely to engage.