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Customer obsessed

“The social shopping network we have all been waiting for.” That's how Neta-A-Porter described their new social app (watch, mobile and tablet) ‘The Net Set.’ The app allows users to connect via 'style tribes.' Feels a lot like Pinterest with a buy button. Smart.

Still on retail mobile applications a trend report on some of the innovations about to disrupt the category. Trends listed include self check out, inventory management and employee training.

When designing customer experiences it's important to understand the customer's context. UserTesting has a great new product that combines the customer mobile screen recording with screen capture to help researchers understand CX issues and opportunities.


You don't have to sacrifice soul and story in order to be data-driven. In fact, data is important for storytelling in a cross-device era. Data enables better storytelling by helping you understand your audience, target messages to specific channels and allowing for adaption.

"Behavioral data contributes to two valuable activities—risk assessment and targeted advertising. These overlap, and their differences cause trouble." An interesting piece on issues arising from behavioral segmenting becoming "too good."


3.9 billion views on a month. That's what research firms Newzoo and Octoloy estimate Minecraft videos received on YouTube in March 2015. The BBC digs into why Minecraft videos are so addictive to today's tweens.

AppAnnie App released their Q1 2015 mobile app usage report. Findings include a 70% increase in advertising YOY, communications apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have the lion's share of attention and Asia leads in gaming.

If you're thinking about investing in a trading desk you might want to re-consider. Adexchanger digs into how Facebook is quietly killing the re-marketing industry.

"Who cares if people watch less regular TV, read fewer printed publications and spend less time on the full-sized Web? I'll tell you who: advertisers." The Scientific American on truth in digital advertising.


"One simple and powerful test of your strategy is that the opposite must also be a reasonable strategy." This is but one insight in a detailed article and reference on mastering the craft of strategy. From definitions, core capabilities, books and theories - this has you covered.

A step-by-step approach to creating a personalised content strategy. The points covered include identifying if you need personalisation, customer segmentation and matching content types to customer segments.


Nike with an engrossing, interactive running installation that transforms your portrait into a force of nature.


"What many consumers may not know is that Whole Foods is not the only force in organics. As consumer demand has grown, big box retailers and grocery chains have stepped in." Fortune on the structure of Wholefood brands and their owners. Hint, it's major conglomerates.

Tools of the week

Two tools that do a similar thing, make data visualization easy. Datahero is a SaaS service targeted at anyone, the free tier is not bad with 26 data connectors and unlimited charts. Redash is an open source solution that enables complete customisation but requires a programmer's touch.