Irrelevant design features, Apple Watch reactions and Snapchat for marketers

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I explore why Facebook Messenger may be the next evolution in CRM.

Customer obsessed

“Exams will have a total of 137 points rather than the usual 100. This scoring system has no effect on the grade you get in the course, but it seems to make you happier.” Economics professor, Richard Thaler on how irrelevant design features are critical to driving human behaviour.

"Traditionally the objective might have been, 'Let's just sell product.' Now retailers can say, 'I want to capture customer data, I want to acquire customers, I want to think about this as if I'm buying keywords on Google.'" How digital-first retailers like Warby Parker, Bonobos, Everlane and American Giant are creating brands people love by figuring out the store of the future.


A data scientist's lament that recommendation systems are being used incorrectly. He argues that rather than being used to enhance the customer experience they are used to maximize metrics. And that just ain't right.

Big data, crowd sourcing and synthetic biology are challenging the fundamentals behind the scientific method.


Fortune argues why media companies should pay attention to Snapchat. Meanwhile, Snapchat is rolling out a new ad format: 10-second video ads, costing 2 cents per view, that will run between the articles and videos on the Discover section of the app, AdAge reports.

"If you’ve used live-streaming apps like Periscope or Meerkat, you’ve seen the future. In recent weeks, millions of people around the globe have quickly mastered the act of broadcasting live from their phones — anytime, anywhere." Why Periscope my kill the cable star.

Still on Periscope, Single Grain shares 25 brand-building ways to use Periscope. Lots of ideas including interactive customer support, product demonstrations and conducting remote focus groups.


Reddit is one of the internet's most influential websites, yet few brands get the medium. Contently offers interesting case studies from Ikea and Nissan on how brands drove engagement on Reddit.

How many photojournalists does it take to run an Instagram account? 110 according to National Geographic - who said social media was free?

How KISSmetrics grew to 793,858 visitors a month using one simple formula. Hint, it's content. A great post that goes into the intricacies of creating a content engine.


Growth is not a hack – so can we please stop saying Growth Hacker? A good argument by VC Phin Barnes on how the Growth Hacker title misrepresents the role of a Growth Marketer.

The emotions and behaviors of 11 real Apple Watch users. Insights include a new level of physical intimacy and new behaviours emerging.


German beer brand Astra recently developed a digital illuminated billboard that targets its advertising solely at women.

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