Mobile eating the world, omnichannel journeys & Cannes Lions


There are 20 billion global SMS messages a day, WhatsApp serves 30 billion messages a day - with just 40 engineers. Benedict Evans on how mobile is eating the world.

Still on mobile, Marketo's 5 top trends in mobile marketing in 2015 are:

  1. Apps are the new landing page

  2. SMBs discover mobile apps for lead generation and brand awareness

  3. Mobile customer service becomes mainstream

  4. Brands start to experiment with mobile marketing automation

  5. Established companies put mobile apps at the core of their product or service

Amazon reviews influence people's purchases. Given Amazon's size a large business has been built around falsifying reviews. Amazon is fighting back by building a machine learning system that verifies reviews.

Why Muslims are rising fastest and the unaffiliated are shrinking as a share of the world’s population - religious population growth projections, 2010-2050.


Salesforce launched their next generation marketing cloud. Amongst their innovations is a journey builder, which enables marketers to map one-to-one interactions and triggers between customers and a business across channels, devices and contexts. Salesforce is also teaming up with Acxiom's Liveramp, Neustar and Viant to allow clients to use CRM data to power ad-buying.

"Publishers and users should be able to decide together on how content is paid for. No longer should the exchange that happens between a content creator and consumer be implicit." Ad blockers are increasingly becoming an issue for marketers today. A new company, Sourcepoint is new aiming to tackle the proliferation of ad blockers head on. But what happens when the ad blocker, blocker, blocker comes out?

Proof that some people use QR Codes. Seeking more information about a long-discontinued promotion, Daniel Korell scanned the QR code on an old bottle of Heinz ketchup and was surprised to end up on a German porn site called Fundorado. Heinz had apparently failed to re-register the domain while it's QR Codes were still in circulation. Oops.

Cannes Lion

Fill yourself in on all the usual fun from Cannes Lions with the category winners, festival highlights, people who think the awards hinder creativity and my favorite the douchiest agency tweets from the festival.

One of the bigger client winners to note is Volvo with three Grad Prix (so far) with Life Paint, Volvo Trucks and their SuperBowl Twitter hijack “Interception” all driving a industry pat.


"Two fundamental truths exist when marketing a startup. One is that a great product alone is not enough to succeed. The other is that no amount of marketing will make a crap product gain a mass audience." A guide to startup marketing discusses building virality into your product, customer segmentation through Facebook advertising, fine-tuning your message and more.

Lessons in growth marketing from an expert who helped LinkedIn grow from 20 million to over 200 million users. Lessons include how to build product intuition, a focus on multivariate velocity, investing in your analytics framework and re-testing as your audience changes.


Video-game sales may reach $92 billion this year — more than films and recorded music combined.

"Apple is well past 1 billion podcast subscriptions, and something around 39 million have listened to a podcast in the past month in the US." Why podcasts are the new blog.

Twitter revealed two new tools, one benefiting consumers and the other benefiting brands. Project Lightning will bring together Tweets from live events and Twitter is making the platform more shoppable.

Facebook launched its video service in Q3 2014. Facebook is quickly catching up to YouTube across the board with an expected 2 trillion videos served in 2015 vs 3 trillion for YouTube. Not bad for the first year out of the block. More importantly, Facebook video is also yielding more ARPU at US $0.73 per MAU vs US $0.28 per MAU.

TV wars: inside Roku's plan to beat Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Customer obsessed

"There's more to measuring a brand than just asking if people like it." Jeff Sauro goes through the ins and outs of structuring a branding survey.

The Gap is an iconic retailer that seemed to define Generation X. However, the idea that made the Gap so popular is now obsolete. And now the Gap needs to align itself with millennial's needs. While they're playing catch-up, fast fashion retailers like Uniqlo are quickly catching up.

By starting with "why" and developing an activation model through a multichannel approach -- think social, experiential, digital -- you can foster engagement and emotion that creates face-to face engagement with your audience and sells products. AdAge on how to create brand activation that fosters engagement.


Photography website 500px shares how they built their analytics from the ground up. The article goes into detail on the mid-sized startup's evolution to having robust analytics infrastructure.

If you want your customer's data, you'd better cough up. April 2015 research by Sentient Decision Science for Microsoft found that internet users are happy to hand over more data for cash rewards and significant discounts.


Product ownership, customer-centric design, communication, governance and data science were named by Forrester as five killer competencies a digital team needs.

All too often marketing teams are not aligned with the rest of their business. Moz provides us with the Focus Canvas to structure and communicate a marketing strategy clearly.

Tool of the week

The best tool I've seen to navigate the universe of marketing technologies. Growthverse allows you to explore 600 marketing technology companies and is as useful as it is intuitive.