Apple's values, PR scorecard & CMS trends

Customer obsessed

Apple has become the largest and most profitable company of all time by relentlessly focusing on their customer over all else. John Gruber laments that in the long-term their customer-focussed values may be threatened by their shareholder's focus on short term profitability. If Wall St's influence wins out it will be a loss for customers, Apple and ultimately shareholders.

Intel on how they have embraced iterative, in-market experimentation practices in order to develop innovative new products that align with customer needs.

The next time someone asks you who a millennial is, show them this helpful chart from investment bank Goldman Sachs.


In order to demonstrate business value from your content marketing you need to go beyond simple measures such as page views and shares. An excellent approach is creating a PR scorecard for your earned media derived from your content. The scorecard combines prominence, visibility and quality metrics.

LinkedIn discusses the need to build their own end-to-end A/B testing platform, XLNT.

Google analyzed 50 Fortune 100 brands on YouTube and measured the impact against "brand interest." They found that 65% of the YouTube campaigns analyzed drove a 13% average lift in unaided brand searches.


Ben Thompson draws similarities between the Verizon purchase of AOL for for $4.4 billion and Facebook's instant articles to inform the future of digital advertising. Thompson posits that the key to future advertising will be large-scale networks like Facebook and Verison tracking individuals across an omni-channel purchase funnel.

A simple check-list of 25 procedures that will optimise your site's SEO efforts for 2015.

Marketing technology

CMS Wire published a white paper on the top trends in web CMS for 2015. Amongst their list is modularised solutions that can adapt to a companies' changing work-flows, personalisation that integrates with content an Digital Asset Management (DAM), the shift towards branded communities and omni-channel content distribution.


The Havard Business review outline four leadership styles of the best CMOS. The list includes being customer focused, running marketing as a closed-loop discipline, being social and being visionary.

A gigantic and extremely helpful list of pricing strategies. Each strategy is founded in pricing psychology principals.