2015 marketing trends, understanding KPIs and the marketing stack


Key marketing take-aways from Mary Meeker's 2015 internet report. Trends include mobile usage increase, interactive notifications, the importance of user generated content for brands, the changing needs of millenials and the fact that our lives are on-demand.

Online advertising spend is about to overtake TV in the US. In 2019 PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimates online advertising will be $83.89 billion while TV will be $81.05 billion.

Google's got a great new design site. One of the resources on the site is a 6 minute set of interviews with the designers who re-invented Google's design and UI.

Shows like Madmen and Breaking Bad have ushered in what's been donned a ‘Golden Age’ for TV. Bloomberg argues that it won’t last.

Mobile trends from Eniac Ventures M1 Summit. Trends include; the cure to the supply side of the on-demand economy, new interactions from the watch, poor data utilisation, the importance of UX and the divide between the US and non-US.


Everything you need to know about interpreting KPIs. From definition through to a set of examples get ready for acronym bingo with ARPPU, ARPU, MAU, DAU, CLV and CPI.

How much churn is too much? The simple answer is for consumer companies 3% per / month, for enterprises 0.58% p / month.

Google shows us the path to better measurement: analytics and attribution. 1. Am I seeing all of my marketing touchpoints? 2. What added value will attribution provide? 3. Does my team have the expertise needed to choose and implement attribution and then interpret and act on its insights? 4. Am I duplicating my investment by paying for two different solutions?

The big problems with net promoter score (NPS): do we need a new “ultimate question”? Arguments against the NPS include a lack of causality, regional and segment differences and frequency.

The ecommerce buyer behaviour report from RJ Metrics gives a range of insights include; $154 average spend per year of a new customer, 69% of a customer's first year spend comes in the first 30 days and the top 1% of customers are 18 times more valuable than average. Check out the report for all the insights.


How the best SaaS companies write upgrade emails that convert. All simple examples that the best in the business use to increase conversions. Tactics include social proof, pricing in the email, feature specification and free trails.

How Dollar Shave Club got 12,000 customers in their first 2 days. A great analysis of the video that has 19 million YouTube views to date and sparked the company's success. Analysis of the video found; they had a clear customer in mind, the demonstrated product quality quickly with clear and memorable benefits and they finished with a clear call-to-action.

Programmatic TV buying in the US will grow fourfold between 2015 and 2019, by when it will be worth some $10 billion according to a new report from Magna Global.


A framework for understanding the internet marketing stack.

Just swipe your pants to change the channel. Google's playing with new ways for us to interface with computers. One of their latest pieces of technology is touch-sensitive fabric and tiny radar chips.

In 2015, programmatic will account for $14.9 billion of the nearly $59 billion digital-advertising pie, according to eMarketer. That's up from $9.9 billion in 2014 and $4.2 billion in 2013. Until recently, many questioned the value of programmatic advertising. Publishers saw it as a threat and buyers saw it as a source of dodgy, low-value inventory. But those concerns are dissipating and major brands are saying that they intend to buy 100% of their digital programmatically, the practice is booming.

How venues are improving the customer experience with beacon technology. Examples allow sports fans to order food to be delivered to them in their seats and Disney's MyMagic+ bracelet.

Customer obsessed

New global research from SDL has revealed insights into customer experience failures from the past decade. Basically, businesses need to step up their CX game. Some of their insights include 21% of major CX failures happen before a customer even buys and only 55% of consumers who recalled a CX failure also remembered a success.

Are Wearables the next in-store shopping buddies? April 2015 research by PowerReviews found 30% of US smartphone owners owned or planned to purchase a wearable device in the next 12 months. Among this group, 82% wanted such devices to enhance their in-store experience, and nearly half wanted to leverage wearables to save time when shopping.

Lessons from someone who's done a hundred jobs-to-be-done interviews. Insights shared include correct preparation, the requirement to interview a lot and the analysis process.


"A content hub is a library for the insights an organization has produced or packaged for its target customers." The thinking behind six digital content hubs including GE's world in motion, AMEX OPEN Forum, Think with Google, Canva's Design School, Visual.ly's Resources Hub and Getty's Curve.

Tool of the week

The onboarding process is critical to getting a user or new customer to fully engage with you. User Onboard tears down how the world's biggest startups engage users and picks apart patterns we can all learn from.