Millennial customer persona template - one

The first of two millennial customer persona templates

Customer personas allow us to discuss our business from the point of view of the people that make our business, our customers. Personas allow us to do this by forcing us to empathise with customers and thereby giving us actionable insights based on our customer's needs and drivers.

Millennials, people born from 1980 to 2000 are increasingly, some would argue obsessively, getting attention from the press, research companies and marketers. Based on the increasing interest to capture the attention of millennials, the millennial personas were created. The generic millennial customer personas act as a starting point that you can refine based on your own customer's specific needs and attributes.

Persona one - older millennial

Forrester breaks Millennials up into two distinct groups - younger (18 to 24) and older (25 to 34). The groups have major differences across employment, life-stage and income. In line with Forrester's findings, I'll be producing a generic persona for each group.

Refining the personas

The generic personas are a starting point. For the personas to be useful for a business they need to be refined based on your customer's particular quirks and needs. To identify these you'll need to conduct your own research. I'm currently writing a series on persona and customer journey map research methodologies so please sign up to the site's email in order to be notified when the articles come out.

When creating personas for a client, I'll usually identify three to five distinct personas that describe the majority of a businesses' customers.

Using the personas

Personas help us prioritise what our business focusses on and evaluate what we're doing by evaluating it from the point of view of the customer. To do so we ask:

  • What goal is the persona trying to achieve?

  • How do they currently achieve their goal?

    • What's their current behaviour (motivation x trigger x ability)?
    • What product / service do they hire to achieve their goal?
    • What pains / gains are associated with their current product / service?
  • What context/s are they in?

Persona one research

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