CX breakdown of

A customer experience breakdown of the new site launched yesterday with a subscription wholesale proposition where discounts compound with every purchase, $140 million in funding, an extremely experienced ecommerce founder and an ambition to go head-to-head with Amazon. Let's breakdown the company's customer experience (CX) to understand its potential success and emerging trends in ecommerce.


  • Beautiful branding, UX and UI design

  • Strong proposition with a unique take on ecommerce

  • Makes shopping feel like a video game - your savings add up like points

  • Like an early eBay - makes shopping joyous and unexpected

  • Clear trade-offs with some user flows but should be overcome by power users knowing the interface

  • Still some kinks in the product (I ran across four errors) with confusing error messaging which could lead to trust issues


  • Strong points

    • Three-letter .com of a word in the dictionary
    • Logo is a smily face incorporating the first letter of the name - simple, light-hearted and unique
    • Purple as a highlight colour clearly differentiates the brand from competitors and balances out their price-heavy positioning with a regal colour
    • Excessive use of white space
    • Bold unique engaging illustration style


Jet's homepage layout takes cues from sites like Simple, Oscar and Virgin America. A clutter-free hero section above-the-fold, a clear call-to-action (CTA) followed by the product benefits.

  • Strong points

  • Weak points

    • Unclear proposition - "Club price savings on pretty much anything you buy" is much weaker than "Shop smart, save hard" which is the tagline used in the video


  • Strong points

    • Packed full of humor
    • Well known actor, in character
    • Talent aligns with brand's "use technology to get the price down" proposition
    • Demonstrate the product and proposition without showing the site (just key parts of the interface)
  • Weak points

    • Length


  • Strong points

    • Contextual navigation across homepage, checkout and every other page
    • Simple top level navigation: logo, search, zip-code, account and cart
    • Optimised checkout navigation to keep people focused during the most important user journey
  • Weak points

    • Complicated naming used for second-level nav - "Shop Everything" takes more user cognition than "categories" or "products", "Shop Anywhere" takes more user cognition than "stores" or "partners" or "brands"
    • Second-level nav alignment

  • Strong points

    • Clear, well categorised information architecture (IA)

Purchase product flow

  • Strong points

    • Contextual category level product filters
    • Several sorting options
    • Excellent use of white space
    • Product list items show delivery estimate and savings
    • Amazon price comparison
  • Weak points

    • Have to go to product page to add to cart
    • It took four clicks to add something to my cart from the homepage
    • Uses pagination over "more button" or infinite scrolling

Add to cart flow

  • Strong points

    • Notified of savings
    • Well designed shopping cart - small, simple with all relevant information
  • Weak points

    • Savings message animation is intrusive and takes away from the task at hand
    • You have to click "continue shopping" after adding anything to the cart
    • You need to click "view cart" from the drop down cart - "aren't I already viewing the cart?"

Checkout flow

  • Strong points

    • Remembers details if you leave the page and takes you to your current point
    • Inline validation
    • Clarity around checkout stage
    • Seamlessly adds account creation to the flow even if you're a guest
    • Gives additional savings options along the process
  • Weak points

    • Can't use PayPal

Search flow

  • Strong points

    • Categorised auto-suggest
    • When it works, takes you to a filtered category page
  • Weak points

    • Poor experience when a technical issue happens (which happened on my first search)


  • Strong points

    • Messaging on brand
    • Cute pun (allowed in 404's) integrated with logo
    • Drives user to do something (go to the homepage)

Nice micro-elements

  • Strong points

    • Continually and seamlessly educate users on the proposition and drive conversions
    • Use of savings actions make you feel like your gaming the system